Git and Tabulation / Unicode

(One more round of annoying people with questions. :smiley: )

When I code something like this:

say "x[unicode 9]x[unicode 9]o";

it works fine for the build-in Inform 7 Interpreter (Windows) (i.e. tabs are inserted). However it does NOT work for Windows Git 1.2.8, which prints this instead: [0x09]

So is this a bug in Git or am I just using the wrong way of implementing tabs?


Tabs are unsupported in Glulx output. You shouldn’t rely on interpreters doing anything consistent with them.

(This is true whether you use the [unicode] substitution or some other character-printing routine.)

I assume you’re trying to display a table? You’ll have to use [fixed letter spacing] and then count spaces to line up the columns manually.

Depending on what effect you’re after, you could also try making Glk style hints, but I have no idea how successful you’ll be with that.

Thanks! I’ll try the [fixed letter spacing].