Ghosterington Night update - fresh from Ectocomp

My Inform 7 game ‘Ghosterington Night’ was the winner of Ectocomp, the Halloween-themed speed IF comp which hails from the ADRIFT community and which has recently opened itself up to games from other formats.

The original version, released on October 31st 2012, was definitely a speed IF, but after entering I began working on Release 2 (due to my psychological hangups) with the goal of keeping the game’s design but upping the general production values and ease of use towards more ‘regular’ game quality. It also has title art and music. Release 2 is now on IFDB:

I’ve also made available there the quite well commented Inform 7 source code. I think that it can be useful to see source code from a complete game that’s also easy to understand. I’ve sometimes found it overwhelming to try to comprehend someone else’s code for a game that’s really huge. So I just hope this might be of help or interest to anyone for whatever purposes down the line.

  • Wade