Ghost Mountain: eerie C64 IF made with PunyInform

Hi all

I’ve just released ‘Ghost Mountain’ - a short & eerie text adventure made for the Commodore 64 using PunyInform. Free download (.d64 & .z3 formats) here:

This is my first IF game, and far more basic than much of the work posted here, so please go easy on me! Inspired by vague memories of unease experienced while struggling through oblique C64 text adventures as a child. Please enjoy the creeping dread.


You should consider entering it in the Punyinform Jam that is currently under way.

Punyjam 1

PS. I am sure it is better than my first effort that I plan to enter. :wink:

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Thanks for the suggestion, but it looks like there’s a particular theme for the jam, and this doesn’t fit :frowning: That’s a shame.

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I am just a participant but it probably doesn’t matter. It is about participation and promotion.


There aren’t any theme requirements. Just write a new game in Inform6 using the Punyinform library, in English, and then the usual stuff of not being a jerk.



The name of the initial room is Broom Closet .

The description of the room, when the game starts, is:

You’re in the rather dirty broom closet of The Red Anchor. Various cleaning appliances line the walls. There’s a pile of fabric in a corner.

A note has been fixed to the wall with a knife.

The pub lies beyond the closed door to the east.

For more details and a code skeleton to help you get started, see the theme announcement in the community forum.


That, thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m very happy to see you release a PunyInform game!

While it may not fit into the jam, I’m sure you will get players for your game.

And you still have two weeks to create a game for the jam if you want to.

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Thanks! It’s a great tool, I really enjoyed using it.

I probably won’t have time to enter the jam, but I’d certainly like to make another PunyInform game in future.


Looks nice! It would be great if you could make an entry for it on IFDB.


Maybe ParserComp ???

You would have to review the rules regarding release but your game would be perfect!


@Stian thanks, I’ll look into doing that.

@fos1 cool, I’ll check it out! :slight_smile:


I’ll not partecipate (I have an itch for nosy sites and their questionable handling of registered user data…)…
… at least not officially, that is. The theme has given me some unusual ideas, and perhaps I someday deliver some “out of competition” entry… perhaps in a lustrum or decade, or never, that is. :wink: