Getting ZPlet to work...

I can’t seem to get ZPlet to work…

Can anyone give me a rundown of what I’m doing wrong?

Here’s the code for the page that has it included (excluding arbitrary things like the text describing what’s on the page):





I built this looking at what other people had done with the code and at the example, and as you can tell by looking here, it still isn’t working.

I can understand using Java terps for TADS and Glulx, but not for the Z-Machine. Have you tried Parchment?

I just know that .z5 files work frequently with ZPlet, so I just assumed .z8 would, too.

In any case, I have tried Parchment. I uploaded everything I needed, and all that displayed on the page when I had edited it all in was a single text box line that I could input and delete letters in/from, but couldn’t submit them and nothing else showed up.

It could always be because it’s hosted by Webs, but I sort of doubt it.

Can you show me? Is it still online?

No, it’s not. I removed everything and put up the ZPlet to try getting that running.

Any chance you can tell me what I need to do to get Parchment running and I’ll try what you post and work from there?

All it really takes to run a game with Parchment is to upload it to a web host of some kind, make sure it’s publically accessible, then go here:

z5 and z8 usually run fine.

OH! I get what I was doing wrong now. Thanks for that link George. Seems I forgot to change it into JS. >.>

So, eh…what do I do to get it to show in the already created webpage?

EDIT: Using restart on the link that was created causes the entire screen to go blank. Given the format of the game…it’s kinda irritating. Is there a workaround for this?

Unfortunately no, it’s just another bug that needs fixing. I’m not sure why it happens either.

Alright, so what would I need to do to put it in the webpage for viewing? Other than the obvious frameset option.

I’m not sure what you mean… do you want to put it in a frame in another page? If so you shouldn’t need to do anything to it.

No, sorry, I went blank on the correct word for it for a while. I want to embed it in the page I already have set up, but don’t know how. I could use a frameset, but that’s not the same as embedding it. … 9790e8d7d7

Download that and unzip it. You’ll need the lib folder, parchment.css and parchment.html. Then add this to your parchment.html:

If you can base64 encode your file, use thus second option to specify
it as the backup (for older browsers which cannot directly load the
raw file.)

Test that it works, and then you can edit parchment.html or copy the code to another page etc.