Getting the Windows version of the 6G60 compiler patched

My Mac had to go to the shop for a new logic board and I’m now on the PC.
Is there anyway now to patch the windows version of the compiler so that
the memory problem is fixed.

Thanks much

I do not have a machine to test with right now, but the following instructions should work:

  1. Install the MinGW core and set your path manually. The instructions are at under the sections MinGW Installation Notes,''Graphical User Interface Installer,’’ and ``Environment Settings.’’

  2. Get the patched code. Navigate to There’s a button near the top labeled ZIP with a cloud icon; click it to grab the patched source. Unzip the archive, if necessary.

  3. Build the compiler. In the folder containing header.h, create a new file with a .bat extension. Right-click on it, select edit, enter the following text, and save:gcc *.c pause Back in the folder, double click on the .bat file, and wait for it to finish. You should see a file called a.exe appear; this is your new I6 compiler.

  4. Install it. Find the Compilers folder in your Inform installation; inside it, the file inform-6.32.exe is the old compiler. Replace it with the a.out file (renamed to inform-6.32.exe), and you’re done.

Thanks much again. you helped tremendously on the Mac as well.

I downloaded the MinGW software but when I try to compile it says that libgmp-10.dll is not there.
Is there a problem with the MGW software. It IS in the folder.

Okay, since gcc uses the gmp library and I6 does not, I’m assuming this error appeared during step 1. Is that correct?

If so, here are some things to double check. The answers should all be ``yes.’’

a. When you downloaded mingw-get-inst from SourceForge, did you go to … -get-inst/, select a recent folder from the list, and then an installer with a name of the form mingw-get-inst-*.exe?

b. When you ran the installer, did you select a directory whose path contains no spaces?

c. When you clicked install, did you have an internet connection available?

d. When you clicked install, did the installer give you status messages showing it updating xml catalogues, downloading archives, and then installing files?

e. When the install completed, did it prompt you to view the log file?

f. Was the log file free of error messages?

g. After the install and after adding the bin folder to your path, if you open Command Prompt and type gcc --version do you get sensible version data?

Depending on what happened, it might also be necessary to know the exact wording of the error message, precisely where in the process it appeared, and in what window.

The answer is yes to b thru g.

I got a beta version of the MinGW installer and that may be the problem.
this is what was extracted from the zip file:

which may be the cause of the problem.

Here’s a copy of the I6 compiler built with mingw32 / gcc 4.5.2: …

It would be nice to have a automated build system for these updates, especially if Inform 7 follows a longer release cycle as it stabilizes.

I’ll see if I can get a Linux VM set up to cross-compile for Windows (easy) and OS X (??).

thanks much I’ll try it out and hopefull will be a le to run my extremely large source code on it. I’ve already exceeded the limit on an unpatached version. Graham is supposed to release a new version whicn is corrected later this year.

To B Cressey:

Thanks much. It works fine now that the memory problem is solved.