getting storyline to show

This is a first attempt using Inform 7. The game starts at the first “room,” omitting the “story description.” How do I get the Story Description to show rather than going directly to the room identified?

Are you looking for something like:

When play begins: say "BLAH!";

If not, I’m not sure what you’re asking for - can you give an example?

I’ve already used the prompt -
When play begins: change the right hand status line to “8:00 a.m.”

from what I understand this will allow me to have time sensitive alterations as time goes by w/ the inclusion of an extension. Using this phrase at this earlier point prevents me from introducing the Story Description and jumps me to the first room.

I’ve tried to add the Story Description to the room description, but result in Errors.

You could do both in a single “when play begins” rule:

When play begins: change the right hand status line to "8:00 a.m."; say "This is a story of dread, of wonder, of mystery, but most of all of cute kittens. This is the story of..."

Or I think you could have two separate “When play begins” rules. Is that what you want to do? You’re right that you don’t want to put it in the initial room description, because that will cause it to print every time you’re in the room. (By the way, change the indentations in my code to tabs, and you probably also want to use a different story description.)

When play begins: Say "[Story Description][paragraph break]";

And as far as time, someplace after this, but before play begins say:

The time of day is 8:00 AM.

At least this is how it works for me.

THANK YOU!!! It worked. :smiley:

As a footnote…

To get even more fancy, I am using “Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short” and for time control “Native Time Control by Tim Pittman”…

Here is the full “When play begins” statement:

When play begins: Say "[Story Description][paragraph break]"; Center "-------------------------------------------------[paragraph break]"; Center "-- [story title] --[paragraph break]"; Center "[story headline] by [story author][paragraph break]"; Center "-------------------------------------------------[paragraph break]"; Center "Version 0.3h"; Center "Press any key to begin."; wait for any key; clear the screen; Say "[paragraph break]"; restore the speed of time to normal.

I guess it all depends how far you want to go. :wink: