Getting sound to work

Hi all,

I have begun a project where I want to have occasional sound playing in the background. Downloaded the multiple sound extension and have converted my files to ogg vorbis format but still cannot get it to actually play the sound files. It keeps popping the error •Fatal error: unable to read data: filename ‘C:\Users\Sean\Documents\Inform\Projects\Checkpoint Destiny Materials\Sounds\Iris’
any help be grateful hope to be able to get sound running by tomorrow to show to fellow students.

Can you please verify that the sound files are intact? VLC can play OGG files, if you don’t already have something capable of playing them.

Ya they work just fine. I also have GLulx turned on.

Does the filename include the .ogg extension? I didn’t notice it in the error message you posted.


The file name itself does not have a .ogg file extension but the file itself is an .ogg i converted over.