Getting a coloured word up into the status window

I know you can do this in glulx, since I saw it done for exits in Aotoeroa.

Glulx Status Window Control seems to be the extension to go to for this, but I can’t get just a single word into a colour.

I have [wacky lights] as part of the status bar. I tried this:

To say wacky lights: set the text colour of status window to g-pure-green; reconstruct the status window; say "GAH"; set the text colour of status window to g-white; reconstruct the status window.

But the ‘reconstruct the status window’ lines blitz the status window with a flash of green, and when it comes back, it seems to have shrunk to 1 line and become blank.

Actually, no-one has to solve this problem on my account now. I came up with a different arrangement I like of changing the whole status bar colour to whatever the player wants, and don’t need the individual word anymore. However, feel free to solve the problem as a community service or for personal gratification purposes.