German Language IF Grand Prix 2023

Moin Olaf, sag mal, wie kann ich denn voten? Via Mail? Und hab ich das richtig verstanden? Wir vergeben deutsche Schulnoten?

EDIT: Hab’s gefunden. Wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil. Ich war mir nicht bewusst, dass wir auch eine deutsche IF Competition haben. Da juckt es mir tatsächlich in den Fingern irgendwann einmal Hibernated zu übersetzen.

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That is indeed a good motivation to delve into it. This is actually a problem I have with games I have great anticipations for. I look forward to playing them in a focused and uninterrupted manner, which means that I put them on the waiting list too long, waiting for the perfect couple of days/weeks.

I haven’t played Hadean Lands because of this. Likewise, I’ve been putting off playing 1893; A World’s Fair in full for way too long now.

But as you say, knowing that the follow-up is going to be released soon will give me the necessary kick in the bum to fire up H1DC.


Is there a thread somewhere where I can report bugs such as this one? Or maybe a possibility to contact the authors?


That depends on whether one wants to report in English or in German. For feedback on the IFGP23 games in English, this thread is a good place. If you prefer to talk about it in German, this would probably be the best place: IF-Forum - Stammtisch - Spielen!


I just registered in the forum, so I’ll opt for giving feedback in German :wink:


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The results are in!

Place                                   Grade

1. (tied)
    Michael Baltes:
    Das Geheimnis von Beagle's Rock     2.30
    Heiko Spies:
    Ich, Shub-Jagaroth                  2.30

3.  Olaf Nowacki:
    Fischstäbchen                       2.40

4.  Arno Nühm:
    Gen Norden / Der Weg zurück         3.80

A close result in a strong field of entrants. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all authors!

Big thanks to proc, the organiser!