Generic furniture kind

I’m trying to make a generic kind called furniture. I want all furniture to be a supporter. Why does this not work?

Furniture is a kind of scenery thing. Furniture is a supporter.

What exactly goes wrong? I can see one thing - you want furniture to enterable.

I think you want:

Furniture is a kind of supporter. Furniture is always scenery.

Edit: Syntax is just hard in Inform.


Not alway. Tables, bookshelves, wardrobes.

There’s this book you should read about an enterable wardrobe.


Enterable is a container, so Phil probably messed up. Amanda’s code should work.

Supporters can be enterable. But I did misunderstand what Jason was asking.

The trick is that “supporter” is a kind in I7, but “scenery” isn’t. You can’t inherit from multiple kinds, so it’s kind of ad hoc which things are actually kinds (container, supporter, animal, vehicle) and which ones are properties (scenery, portable).

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Oh, I forgot that “being on top of” also counts as entered according to Inform.