Generating a List based on Tagged passages

Hi there,

I need help doing some advanced list work in Twine using Sugarcube.

In my project I’m planning to have a system of about 200 passages each with their own customized information. Each passage is to be given a tag so it can be placed into a category. I plan to make several passages that list every passage in that category and link to those passages.

However, to keep track of these 200 passages, they are specifically numbered so we can make sure we put the right corresponding information from our dev records. If these passages are put into a list, they cannot be by the passage name because, otherwise it’s going to be listed as 001, 002, 003, etc. I need to format this auto generated list that links to these passages to have an image from a database that’s associated with that passage content AND a name listed in each passage instead of the passage name. I’m not sure if either of those elements should be stored in a variable somehow.

I’m not sure how to do this as I’m not good with lists in Twine on a good day and I’m not very knowledgeable in Javascript, which I’m sure will be required here. Can anyone help me with this