Generalised Speed problems

Hi guys, my game is barely a thrid done and I’m already having imminence problems with turn speed. I’ve done everything I can to try and increase the speed by limiting what happens at a given moment, but I am still baffled at why a text game would have speed problems on a modern computer. I know that there are built in memory limits I can raise, so I’m wondering if there isn’t anything at all I can do to get a speed boost as moving between rooms now takes upward of ten seconds.

Try turning on RULES listing and see which rules are taking so long. My guess is an expensive loop running through all objects in an Every Turn or a Deciding the Scope rule.

Looking (including the auto-look after a move) can become expensive if your game has many hundreds of objects. Is that the case?

Is there lots of pathfinding going on? That can slow things down noticeably as well.

In addition to the above suggestions, have you created any actions that use tokens like [any _______] (like [any thing] or [any person])?

Thanks guys, I just got rid of a bunch of every turn rules that moved objects with randomness, and there’s no pathfinding in the game at all. I do have some scripts that run things with ‘random person’, but they don’t run every turn. I think it was mostly that random object script. I’m still not sure why my computer can run new 3D games and yet can’t make this tiny text game run quickly…

Short answer: the people who write 3D games spend a lot of effort measuring and optimizing their code.

A text game can run quickly, but if you write rules that are inefficient, it can also bog down. You may wind up having to learn more about the technical innards of the system to know what’s inefficient.