General Index suggestions?

Since I am the Index Guy for the new manual, I figured I’d start a suggestion thread. What terms have you tried to look up and found missing from the General Index? What terms did you find missing a chapter reference?

(You can also file bugs in the “Documentation” category for this sort of thing. But these are likely to be off-the-cuff “hey, I just tried…” suggestions so I wanted a low-friction place to dump them.)

I really like the new periodic table style layout, I don’t think I’ve seen that before.

Is there no part of the index which lists all verbs, meaning the kind of value described in WI 14 (not to be confused with the subset of phrases called “verbs” described in WI 13, and listed under Phrasebook Index -> Verbs)? It would be nice to have an individual page for each listing its conjugations, ala Actions, but I’d be fine with just a list of them as in the phrasebook pages.

Nope, doesn’t exist. Seems like a reasonable thing to request, though.

This probably isn’t under your control Zarf, but it would be really good if when you clicked back from an article to the index that your scroll position in the index would be kept.

That will have to be an IDE feature.

(It might already work differently between Mac/Win/Gnome. The Mac IDE tends to lose scroll position when you switch to a different app, which isn’t great.)

Why not just have one IDE written in Qt and port that?

It took all my brain to realize that “greater than or equal to” translates to “at least” in Informese; not sure if that’s a job for the General Index or not, but I’d appreciate it (as well as perhaps indexing >= and the like.)

I wouldn’t mind seeing “[’]” and the like indexed under ‘escape sequence’ and/or ‘escaped text’, but on a metaphysical level I’m not sure how much you (or anyone else) wants non-I7 programmery jargon to infiltrate the Index.


There are many answers to this at varying degrees of snark. The most direct is “If someone contributes one, I’ll try it.”

“At least” and “greater than” are both in the index, referring to the same chapter. If you go to the index to look up “greater than or equal to”, you will find the “greater than” entry, which leads you to that chapter, and I think that’s where the index’s job ends.

Including “<”, “<=”, etc is reasonable. “+ - / *” are already in there.

“Escaped text” is awfully general. I am not set against including programmer jargon (there’s the whole “Inform 6 equivalent” section) but I dunno about that one.

Perhaps “text substitutions” would be a better term?

“Text substitutions” is already in the index.

That was my point.

EDIT: I was trying to suggest that there was already a section of the Index that would do that, but I see now that there isn’t an easy way to list only substitutions without other phrases interspersed.