Gender puzzle

Hi all,

Looking to have a puzzle that will identify the user’s gender, by asking them to go through either a blue or pink door. I was curious how easy in TADS3 would it be to use the gender to refer to the player with the correct pronoun?


Depending on what exactly it is you want to do it may be as simple as setting isHim = true or isHer = true on the player character object, but this may only have any obvious effect in a third-person game.

Well I was thinking of having some character’s referring to you as a ‘Tomcat’ or a ‘Molly’. Perhaps if you saw a note that was talking about you, but not written to you, would say ‘him’ or ‘her’ as required.

Well, I suppose you could set a property on the Player Character object and then test it elsewhere (you might not want to use isHim and isHer if this isn’t a third-person game).

For example

me: Actor @startroom
  pcPronoun = nil
  pcPronounObj = (pcPronoun == 'she' ? 'her' : 'him')
  pcPronounPoss = (pcPronoun == 'she' ? 'her' : 'his')
  pcName = (pcPronoun == 'she' ? 'Molly' : 'Tomcat')

Then you could set me.pcPronoun to ‘he’ or ‘she’ when the PC goes through the appropriate door and write text referring to the appropriate properties as needed, e.g.:

    "That <<me.pcName>> has been here; I can see <<me.pcPronounPoss>> stamp all over the place; this is just like <<me.pcPronounObj>>. ";

Be aware that “pink=female, blue=male” is not a universal rule. In fact, even in the United States, it was the other way around until World War II.

Same in the UK. Also, all children used to be called girls, regardless of gender.

No, that was just you.


yo momma

On that note, “there are exactly two genders” is hardly universal. (I admit I got my hopes up when I saw “gender puzzle” as a topic title.)

Precisely. I’m sure you’ll have players who are neither male nor female; do you have something in mind to accommodate them?

Isn’t this thread in danger of confusing the player with the player character? I can’t see how any in-game action is going to determine the gender of the player (unless, perhaps, it’s a direct question that asks the player to state it). The test proposed by the o/p can at most be a test of the gender of the player character, since it will be the player character, not the player, who goes through a pink door or a blue door, and there’s no law that says that players have to make their player characters the same gender as themselves. But since in any case not all players may see the intended significance in the differently coloured doors, wouldn’t it be more direct to have the player character start out needing to visit the bathroom/toilet/loo and select the door on that basis? Note, however, that this still only determines the (likely) gender of the player character, not the player!

That’s pretty disingenuous since, when there’s a choice of gender available, most people (in my experience, at least) prefer to have their player character the same gender as themself.

But, hey, the bathroom option works pretty well since many places have neutral handicapped and/or family bathrooms.