Gargoyle stories start in a maximized window?

Is there a way to instruct Gargoyle to open new stories to a specific size, or failing that to a fully maximized window? The default behavior on OS X is a very small window, and it would be nice to set garglk.ini to open something bigger.


You do that by setting the cols and rows parameter of garglk.ini.
(Or did I misunderstand your question?)

Yes, I suppose that that would do in a pinch. I would prefer to set it with something more germane to the OS, that wasn’t dependent on the player’s font size; for example, a simple instruction to maximize, or a set of pixel measurements. Glulx games are supposed to be able to request a particular window size via Babel metadata, but no interpreters appear to honor those tags. I’m really wondering if Gargoyle has configuration options to do something similar.