Gargoyle problem

I’ve just been experimenting with Gargoyle to see if it plays a game I’m writing the same as the Adrift Runner and I’ve run into a slight problem:

The pendant cannot be worn (fixing it to be worn is part of a game puzzle later on) but “wear it” allows the player to wear the pendant. Why does referring to the pendant as “it” makes it wearable yet referring to it as “pendant” produce the correct response?

That’s probably a SCARE problem, so you should forward it to Simon, but I’d guess:

  1. Your code uses a task “wear pendant” to prevent the player from wearing the broken pendant, as opposed to making two separate objects.
  2. ADRIFT substitutes “it” and the like immediately.
  3. SCARE compares against “it” only during the library part of the parse.

So two separate items looks to be the way to go about it then? Okay, easy enough to do.

One thing I’ve only just noticed now, though, is that Gargoyle is putting “The jewels is on the pendant.” on the end of the description. I used the ALR to get rid of that line but Gargoyle seems to have put it in anyway.

The correct thing to do would be to call this a SCARE bug, and to send a bug report to Simon. (He’s going for full compatability, so avoiding the problem isn’t doing any favors.) Only use a workaround if you need to release short term and can’t wait for a fix to get into the general release.

It would also probably be better to post such messages on the Adrift Development section of this board.

I’ll e-mail him about it.