Gargoyle (or other full-featured IF app) for Android?

I recently got an Android tablet and am noticing that there doesn’t seem to be a single good option for playing IF on it. The web interpreters are pretty clunky on the tablet browser, and Hunky Punk seems to only support z-code.

Has anyone looked into porting one of the better interpreter packages to Android, perhaps using the NDK or NativeVM or something like that? I might be able to assist.

Gargoyle on Android is probably not going to happen. The lack of native code means that there’s no ready access to freetype, and without freetype you are better off with a new Glk implementation that uses the standard platform API for text layout.

ZMPP2 may be the most promising project since it targets Java and includes Android support as a project goal.

And Hunky Punk still has a scrolling issue with long chunks of text, at least on my device :frowning:

Given the growing ubiquity of Android, it seems odd that we don’t even have a full-on z-machine 'terp yet (let alone Glulx or TADS, etc) … I’d step up to the plate and take a swing if I had the slightest clue how to code :frowning: