Gargoyle on Linux

Does anybody have experience using the Gargoyle interpreter under linux?

I have it installed and ready to run yet it doesn’t seem to want to! I know it’s there; it just comes up as Gargoyle when run from the terminal.

I have tried opening .zblob and glulx files yet when I right click on them, Gargoyle is not an option to open them with!

Please can anyone help with this problem.


It depends on what flavour of Linux you’re using, I guess, but here’s how I do it, on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gnome). I right-click on a game file and select Open With (I forget precisely what it’s called, not being on Linux right now), then type “gargoyle” in the command box, then OK to run it. Once I’ve done that, Ubuntu remembers Gargoyle as the default for that kind of game file.

The other thing you can do in Gnome (and I presume KDE etc would have some equivalent) is right-click on a game file, select Properties, and tell it there to always open that kind of game file in Gargoyle.

Either way, you’ll have to do this for every kind of game file you want to automatically open in Gargoyle.

Heya. I hope this isn’t considered thread necromancy or whatever. Anyway, I switched to Linux (latest Ubuntu distro if that helps) just recently, and with the IF comp games out I’ve been wanting to get into them, so I checked this site out for the recommended terps and installed Gargoyle. Which I like pretty nicely, except I’m having problems with blorb files. I just get a blank window with nothing in it and if I hit any key it closes. I can run them okey-dokey under Wine, so it’s not some huge crippling issue, but I would like to be able to run them natively; any suggestions?


my issue is another: Installing the Italian mod of Gargoyle from here I end with a Gargoyle whose runs only from his directory, and running it from another dir led to a segfault of gargoyle, but the single 'terp runs fine save Agility whose don’t compile (fail in the linking phase).

what I need is having a Gargoyle system whose can run systemwide and pointing to my story dir, whose is ~/if/bin

but the main issue remain that no one can understand what is the most up-to date version of Gargoyle, I can count at least three or four forks…

Best regards from Italy,
Dott. Piergiorgio.

I’ve not tried Gargoyle on Linux. But, I only have access to Linux via SSH, and that’s the all-text command line environment.

This may not relate (though the last part may), but in an email about one of my games the other day, somebody pointed out some info about using native Windows IF interpreters with WINE on Linux. Here’s what he said:

These would be Glulx blorbs compiled with Inform 7, right? They’ve been problematic on Linux for a while now. I remember trying to get the Blue Lacuna Sneak Preview working… Truthfully, Wine is probably the best solution, but you could also try this version of Gargoyle, if you haven’t already: … 5be655278f The other possibility is compiling Glulxe with GLKterm, but I assume that’s a more techy (and less satisfying - GLKterm doesn’t do multimedia, as I recall) solution than you would prefer.

My copy of gargoyle_mod runs fine, but I think I downloaded a binary that someone made available rather than compiling it myself and I can’t remember who, so I can’t really help here, sorry…

Nowadays, you should get your Linux packages for gargoyle here:

The debian file works perfectly under Ubuntu, and is right now more up to date.