Gargoyle from source, newer Alan 3 interpreter, Alan 3 beta5

I noticed that the Alan 3 interpreter in Gargoyle is now 6 years old: … erps/alan3 - it looks like Alan 3 beta 2

There have been updates to Alan 3 as recent as September 2016, beta5. However, it looks like they are being distributed as binary updates to Gargoyle? And I notice the Linux source code is only version Beta 4, not Beta 5 like Windows? … s-3-0beta5

Has there been some change that’s keeping GarGlk project from updating to these newer builds? I noticed people here on the forums were saying they had stories that only work with Beta 5 and newer, example:

Thank you.

As far as I can tell, the source code for Alan 3, either beta 4 or 5, is not available anywhere (the linked download page contains binaries only). Without source code, the included Alan version cannot be updated.

On that note, I can’t find the beta 2 source code (included with Gargoyle) available anywhere, so it’s possible that at some far-off point in the past the Alan author(s) allowed Gargoyle to include its source code, and provided it specifically for that purpose; but that’s pure speculation.

If you can convince the author(s) to make the source available, either generally or specifically for Gargoyle, I’d be happy to integrate it. Otherwise, we’re stuck with the included version.

Thank you for investigating this further. If someone knows the author or is willing to step forward for the community - I encourage asking. I would like to see it updated in Gargoyle and Thunderword.