Gargoyle and game interface customization

Hi all, I’m trying to implement a custom interface for a possible game I’d like to create (using Inform 7, which is awesome).

I’m a total beginner. After getting to know Inform 7 a little, I was convinced it was the right tool for me regarding gameplay mechanics. But before jumping in the story programing, I’d like to evaluate if I can “technically” produce the game I want. My first problem is to be able to tailor the main window at an appropriate size (or a size I judge appropriate :slight_smile: ).

I finally found that Gargoyle interpreter comes with a .INI file which can be edited. So I managed to enlarge my p… er, enlarge the main window. My questions are :

  • Is it possible to choose the size of the main window (and sub windows) in pixels and not in rows and columns ? I’d like to insert images in a graphics window, and it seems that this window would be best to have a fixed width and heigth in pixels (so the image can fit perfectly in).
  • Is it possible to add a border for the main window ?
  • Is it possible to add other variables than the ones present in the gargoyle .INI file, using some programing langage maybe (sorry if it’s a dumb question) ? For example to use Fullscreen.

So the real question for me is how far can we go towards interface tinkering in IF, and what is the simplest way to do it. Until now I “understood” the multiple window extension, the inventory window extension.