Gargoyle 2019.1.1 Linux versions

I created Linux builds for Gargoyle 2019.1.1:



(Mark them as executable after downloading them, either through your desktop’s file properties dialog, or in the command line with chmod +x Gargoyle-x86_64.AppImage.)

If you don’t like the .AppImage file extension you can rename the files to whatever you please; they will still run normally. The extension is only useful for desktops that provide special handing for AppImage executables.

I also submitted a pull request to gargoyle’s github project to automate creation of Linux builds in the future so hopefully Linux builds will from now on be available right away when new Gargoyle versions are released.


Thanks a lot Nikos!

The gargoyle version in my linux repository is too old (I can’t even run “newer” JACL games from 2011 with it), and they removed hugo support because the source code is not open enough for them.

It’s time to ditch this one:

sudo apt-get remove gargoyle-free

and replace it with your version!

sudo ln -s /opt/Gargoyle-x86_64.AppImage /usr/local/bin/gargoyle

Appimages is really the way to go on Linux, it’s working well!