Gargoyle 2011.1 released

The new version of Gargoyle is out! Features include: two new OS ports; new Glk API functions; Treaty of Babel support; Bocfel, the new Z-Machine interpreter; and ScottFree, an interpreter for Scott Adams games.

A complete list of changes is available here:

Thanks again to everyone who has submitted bug reports, sent me patches, or contributed to the discussions on the project mailing list. I’ve tried to include you all on the following credits page; please let me know right away if I’ve missed your name:

Packages for Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac, as well as the cross-platform source code, are now available on the project download page, located here:

Awesome, thank you so much!


Now with support for TADS 3 banner windows! Hurrah!

(Admittedly, I’ve been running a snapshot for a year or so, so my Gargoyle has had banner windows since you first implemented them, but it’s great to finally see them in a public release.)

And working ALAN! Thank you!

Bocfel seems very nice. Also, I am glad to see that command line option support has been added. Good work!

I’d love TAB auto-complete, just saying.

Speaking for the Z-machine, tab completion for the dictionary would be easy enough; however, it would be ridiculously difficult (if not impossible) to limit tab completion to dictionary words that are “known” by the player. If such limitations were not in place, then the player could easily find object names that are supposed to be secret.

The Z-machine also limits the length of dictionary words. You can refer to a windshield or a windscreen in Moonmist, for example, but the resolution of those words is 6 characters, so you’d only tab complete to windsc or windsh. V4+ games are better in this regard, but still have a limit: In HHGG there is an extinguisher, but it would complete to extinguis.

Couldn’t the tab completion be based on the text already displayed on the screen (perhaps excluding some common words, like ‘the’)? Then the player could never accidentally discover any secrets. And it would really help when spelling some long or hard-to-remember words (for example, the names of the medicine bottles in The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M).

Yes, most tab completion is based what has already been printed to the screen. I’ve seen this in other interpreters, and that’s how they work.

Decided to not let a whole year go by without a bump. I looked at the source files, but then remembered I program in Python as my brain melted and fled screaming, so hacking in an autocomplete is beyond me, hah.

Great job, thank you. Any chance for a Windows RT port?

Hats off! I opened a brief thread about some strange Gargoyle behavior here – well, – and though I got some excellent advice there, I’m still curious about the question I raised there. Cheers!


As you probably know, the latest TADS adventures are not supported in Gargoyle 2011.1.

Is it possible to update the TADS code to the relevant 3.1.3/2.5.17?

Thank you.