Gargoyle 2010.1 released

The new version of Gargoyle is out. Features include a new Mac port, new default fonts, and a new graphical launcher for Linux, plus the usual assortment of bug fixes. This release also includes the latest versions of Git and Glulxe, with support for the floating point opcodes.

A complete list of changes is available here:

Thanks again to everyone who has submitted bug reports, sent me patches, or contributed to the discussions on the project mailing list. I’ve tried to include you all on the following credits page; please let me know right away if I’ve missed your name:

Binaries for Windows and Mac, as well as the cross-platform source code, are now available on the project download page, located here:


Gargoyle, of course, is very nice. I have a question, though.

On the screenshots page, the Rat In Control examples have me curious about how the window heading displays the game’s title and not its filename. Is that platform-specific behavior or is there something we can put in our .ini files so games are properly titled?

That was a TADS-only feature that didn’t survive the Great Interpreter Update of 2009.

I plan to bring it back by way of Babel metadata, so it should work for any Treaty-compliant system regardless of interpreter.

w00t! thank you Mr. Ben!

Many thankings!!!

Note that TADS games can call an osifc function to set the window title to whatever they want. That call should overwrite any title you’ve set when reading gameinfo metadata.

Is it possible to edit garglk.ini to run certain games with particular options set?

If something like this works, I haven’t found the right way to do it:

[ CUTTHROA.Z3 ] terp frotz -x

I don’t think it works at the moment, but it would be useful if it did. I’ve added an enhancement request to the project tracker and will take a look at implementing it.