Gargantuan pack of ZCode games for your portable use

Thank you very much, is it allright if I post the link in the first page?

My pleasure :slight_smile: Yes, first page is fine, otherwise no one will find it.

I found it! Thanks a lot!

Sorry, when you edit a post it doesn’t show up in the new posts list, so I didn’t see this request.

Dropbox does a lot more than the file locker sites, which is why its business model doesn’t require throttling the transfer speeds of free users. The primary purpose of the desktop app is to sync files from your computer to your online storage. If you don’t need that, then you don’t need the app–just use the web client. (Something not a lot of folks realize: Syncing essentially saves every version of the file, which is very nice if you accidentally overwrite something important.)


Indeed, that is the first use for which I heard Dropbox recommended, among IF people, years ago.

I’ve uploaded the .rar to Dropbox, if it’s any use to anyone. Link.

I am not pleased to announce that the pack is not up to date. :stuck_out_tongue: “Suveh Nux” is not the most recent version.

For those who may not know, I hate it with a passion when people don’t properly announce new releases.