Gargantuan pack number 2: Including GLulx files

(let me know if the link doesn’t work, I’m new to this Dropbox thing)

I recently bought an iPod touch so I could play IF on the move. So that prompted me to add all the Glulx games I add to my mobile collection, and to include some PDFs and even the web-based games I had been able to download (as the iPod touch can run those).

The result is the collection I now bring to you. You should know it’s 1.9Gb, and I chose Dropbox because I hear it’s the best free filesharing system currently out there, especially for such files as big as this.

The following caveats/notes apply:

  • Included in this pack are English, French, Spanish and Italian games. When translations were available, I gave preference to the original language - if it’s not English and an english version is available, both are supplied. If it’s a foreign translation of an English game, I scrapped the translation. If both versions are non-English, chances are I kept both.
  • Blorbed files are kept blorbed, unlike my previous collection, because my interpreter of choice - iFrotz - can read them.
  • Playfic games - apart from Nautilisia, and maybe some other high-profile game or two - are NOT included, because until the author of Playfic (an otherwise superb utility) deigns to allow us access to older works, it’s impossible to fully sort and collect them. So I’m not trying.
  • This is a personal collection. As such, you’ll find a few artifacts, like used saved games, or extraneous files.
  • Includes Infocom, Scott Adams and Phoenix/Topologika games. As far as I know, the documentation is included - at least, as much as I could find.
    • And speaking of Scott Adams, a work of caution - Savage Island Pt 1 is sadly known to suffer from a faulty conversion and is unwinnable in its Inform form. Worse yet, God knows how many other Scott Adams games suffered from the same fate. Play at your own risk (but that’s a standard caveat for any SA game, anyway)
  • If this pack is not, at this date, complete, please do let me know. Please do.
  • Be aware that some games will not work with some interpreters, and I expect some of these might not work in any mobile environment at all. But if you just want a huge collection for your desktop, then you should be a-OK.
  • If some games are not up to date… well, blame the author for not announcing it properly. I tried to be as up-to-date as possible. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find the latest versions of some games, particularly French games. And those that come in Glulx format and ZCode format, where the ZCode release number is higher than the Glulx one? Nightmarish.
  • z6 games ARE included. This is because the maintainer of iFrotz has stated that he would like to support this format, in the future, and I thought I’d might as well make sure the games are there when he did!
  • I don’t plan on updating this list - it’s not supposed to be an archive, just something I finished today and wanted to share. In case, you know, someone else had the hankering for a complete collection of games for their mobile. Could happen. Maybe.
  • Naturally, this collection is about 1% masterpieces, 14% great pieces, and 60% solid crap (with the remainder going between great and not so great. Also, I’m guesstimating like hell). Be warned.
  • Also included are the games known as the “University of Michigan Dearborn CIS 487 games” (see … /index.php). I don’t know anything about them, but I can guess that they are end-of-term projects from students. I haven’t played them all but I’ve played enough to say that none are spectacular, and quite a few are atrocious - but mostly because it seems the authors aren’t really as familiar with IF conventions as they should be. Taking that in mind, it should be possible to appreciate some of these pieces.
  • There is an utility for “ZCoding” Quill/PAW games (once-popular game-authoring systems for Spectrum and Commodore). I tried it out once. It didn’t work very well for me, and besides, who knows how much those games rely on their graphics, which were lost in the conversion. So I chose not to “ZCodify” them… but if I had, you can bet they’d be here too.
  • Currently, there may be some AIF games missing, as I only realised a couple of days ago that my AIF collection wasn’t entirely complete (I didn’t know about the ERIN Newsletter page). Also, I haven’t included “Flexible Survival” because that one is currently being updated at a very quick pace which shows no signs of slowing down.

Well… enjoy. :slight_smile: If you have a mobile interpreter which can play these (I reccommend iFrotz if you can, coupled with FileApp and DiskAid, which is how my collection is organised) have fun! If not, you may still wish to download this as it’s, AFAIK, a complete list of Inform/Glulx games.

And again, if you find an omission… do, please, do let me know.

I don’t think I’ll download it, but it’s an impressive thing and fascinating to read about.

  • Wade

Hmmm, I must have done something wrong. I just got the following e-mail:

I thought DBox was supposed to be a way to share files? I want to share this, but they thought I was sharing too much?

Could be because of the sheer size of the file, I guess… does anyone have any alternative suggestions?

There ain’t no such thing as free bandwidth.

There are other services that offer download service for large files: Mediafire, Rapidshare, YouSendIt, others I haven’t heard of. They are, in general, noisier and uglier than DropBox – they fund themselves by putting ads on the download page. Or by charging money for better service; I haven’t investigated to compare.

I’d be willing to host it again…we just need to find a way for me to get the file!

People have balked at the rapidshare links I’d posted earlier, with good reason, but I’m afraid it’s hard to find a free host that’ll accept files this big, so… I can only suggest using JDownloader, a download manager which - for me at least - makes RapidShare files download much faster.

I get a “Download not available” error with those links.
Do you have Skype? Perhaps you can send it to me directly and then I can upload it to my server.

Maybe you should make a torrent?

I don’t have skype and I don’t know how to make torrents… but if this doesn’t work, well, I’ll give them both a try.

Jakob, I seem to be able to download them fine. Could you please try again and tell me if it’s still “n/a” for you?

“Permission denied by uploader”…tried in multiple browsers and with my proxy both on and off.

Ah, I see the problem. Hopefully it’s fixed now at:

EDIT - Which apparently are the same links. Curious, as I did move them to an internal folder in Rapidshare. Guess it didn’t affect the links. So much the better. Should work now, hopefully.

Ok it’s working now. Downloading…

And ungrateful me forgot to do the most basic thing: thank you for your trouble and your bandwidth, supporting this folly of mine.

So, thank you for your trouble and your bandwidth, supporting this folly of mine!

My pleasure :slight_smile:

I imagine this means that I can remove the old one?

Grrr…on Part 3:

I think RapidShare now caps the amount of traffic that can be downloaded from free accounts daily or so. Try waiting a day or two.

(Yeah, this is annoying, but it’s probably more user-friendly than the pop-up-filled hosts like mediafire and zippyshare. At least it’s more user-friendly to me.)

As Dannii suggested, for a file of this size, a torrent would make more sense, since it would pretty much eliminate the issue of bandwith caps.

Even better, torrent the original directory hierarchy, rather than a .zip archive. Folks could then decide to download only a few files, if they prefer to pick and choose.

Ok, I capitulated and made a torrent. Of the whole file - the other thing you suggested seems unnecessary, as if someone wants to download only a certain game, there’s IFDB for that. But I guess I can do the other. In time.

Now, what’s the best way to share the torrent? Rapidshare? Can I actually upload it to the forum, since it’s only 20kb?

EDIT - Jakob, the old one remains a complete (to the date of creation - now it’s certainly incomplete!) collection of non-blorbed ZMAchine games. It would be useful, I suspect, to people with a mobile interpreter that’s as limited as ZaxMidlet. However, everyone who was interested in it probably already has it. So, yes, I would say you can remove it. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep it up. It’s not a huge drain on my bandwidth since not many people are downloading it.

You can now browse the full Playfic archives, in a number of different ways: