Gaming Like It's 1925 (Public Domain Jam)

For the third year in a row, we’re running a jam to celebrate new works entering the US public domain. I’d love to see some IF submissions! It’s hosted on itch at Gaming Like It’s 1925:

There are a ton of great works from 1925 that are eligible, check out this roundup:


As I understand it, in the UK and many other countries, the works that came out of copyright today are those of authors who died in 1950 - can I submit something based on one of those works?

edit: from your FAQ, I’m gonna guess no, sad face

Shame. I was really looking forward to your adaptation of The Penal Law Of India…


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Yeah - international copyright law is tricky and the US is much worse than Europe :frowning:


For what it’s worth, I think setting the term based on publication date makes a lot more sense than basing it on the date of the author’s death. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be allowed to mangle Irving Berlin’s songs in my lifetime just because the old codger managed to dodge the coffin till 101.


A great concept. The tight deadline tends to benefit newly-PD media that’s easier to obtain, unfortunately*.

Theatrical scripts in particular can be difficult to track down quickly if they haven’t previously been added to a PD archive in another country. (I had to beg a friend to visit the NYC library containing the only known copy of Don Mullally’s “Conscience” last year. It was not a straightforward process…)

* - (is there an over/under wager on how many Gatsby games you’ll be receiving?)

Ah that’s good feedback, we’ll take that into consideration for next time…

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I propose starting the Gatsby Line at 3.5 and I will bet $2 on the over.

edit: I see now there is an entirely separate Gatsby-only game jam, which certainly messes with those odds. And, sigh, where was The Beautiful and Damned Jam?

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As I understand the FAQ, you can as long as you mash it up with something from 1925.

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Oh good point! I feel “1984 but Mrs Dalloway shows up in one scene” would be without the spirit, though.

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On the other hand, “Mrs. Dalloway, but it turns out that she’s O’Brien in disguise” might be kind of fun.


Honestly, Mrs. Dalloway seems like excellent IF material. I’ll brainstorm a little, although I don’t know if I’d have time to write it by deadline…