Gaming Like It’s 1927 (Public Domain Jam)

For the fifth year in a row, we’re running a jam to celebrate new works entering the US public domain. I’d love to see some IF submissions! It’s hosted on itch at Gaming Like It’s 1927:

There are a ton of great works from 1927 that are eligible, check out this roundup:


Who’s going to make the IF based on Metropolis? I can’t wait!


After a mysterious client asks them to search for Lost Time, a lead takes Holmes and Watson to Metropolis, where the case takes a strange turn…


Right?! I saw that Metropolis is eligible and got really excited.

Can I suggest everyone take full advantage of the Disney works going into the public domain to “celebrate” the dedication they have shown to keeping stuff out of the CC0 category for as long as possible :wink:

Edit- Oh, that’s next year doh! They get a reprieve for now :stuck_out_tongue: