Games with mood tracking?

Hi guys,

I’m developing a game with mood tracking for various characters, as well as overall mood for the village. I just read the “IF vocabulary” thread, and saw that ‘mood tracking’ was given as an example, so I’m guessing this has been done before. Anyone know of any i7 games that do this? With source available?


Alabaster is the obvious example. I’m not sure how Blue Lacuna tracks Progue’s states, but my guess is that that would be useful also.

If you’re interested, here is a blog post I wrote about how mood tracking works in Alabaster: … versation/

and here is the source code: … ource.html

'Mid the Sagebrush and the Cactus tracks two long term moods (anger and sympathy) and two short term moods (violence and pacifism).

The game Calm appears to have similar mechanics in order to keep track of the stress and motivation levels of the player as the game progresses. I’m not sure as to whether the source code is available, so you may want to check with the authors (Joey Jones and Melvin Rangasamy) of Calm about that.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Maga, I’ll have a look at Blue Lacuna too.

I played ‘Alabaster’ facepalm of course!

Emily, thanks! The blog post with your reasoning was especially useful in helping me sort out my priorities. I think the two axis approach might be a better way of achieving what I want (anger vs fear), rather than the single variable I was using. Much appreciated! I haven’t looked at your code yet, but having such a resource available, which concentrates on mood and conversation, is awesome! Thanks to all involved.

Thanks also Victor. The short vs long-term mood idea is an interesting one. I look forward to having a look at your code (after I play the game - awesome concept).

CS - tracking the mood of the PC wasn’t what I had in mind, but an interesting idea… hmmm.

Dambit! Every idea I have makes this game more and more complex. :slight_smile: Thanks for your help guys, you’ve made this part simpler.

There is a tiny bit of mood tracking in Pantomime. It was fun to implement, and it’s something I’d like to do again in a future game.