Games Created by a HS Teacher (Let Me Know What You Think)

I have three IF games at

  1. Deep Morgan: This is mainly just a story based on the real events behind the song Stagger Lee. Twine

  2. iNVENTION: This is a deck builder based on inventors. Twine

  3. Epic Quest: This is the first game I made. It is supposed to be a way to teach the elements of the heroic cycle. Quest

I am just looking for some feedback. Thanks


Woah! That is probably the coolest and most interesting famous stories of American political history that few people know about.

Although I’m not sure what you mean by the song as there’s a list as long as my arm of famous musicians who have done their own take (including all the “Stacker” Lee variants, etc) on it.

Definitely gonna give your game a try!

I own almost every version of the song. This is focused on the Lloyd Price version which rose highest on the charts.

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