Games and memory/reality/illusion

I’m looking for IF that makes use of reality/memory/illusion as a major plot point or device. Worlds Apart is one; Curses! is another (though less what I have in mind than Worlds Apart). Anyone got any recommendations?


An Act of Misdirection (I think that’s the name) is all about a magician and illusion.

Delusions is about reality and virtual reality.

Howling Dogs deals with virtual reality a lot.

Map, Photograph, and Tapestry are all about talking a walk down memory lane and reliving key moments in your life.

Would Patanoir count? One key game mechanic involves warping reality using metaphors.

I suppose games like Endless, Nameless or The Baker of Shireton would also fit.

Sounds like the last three are games I need to check out! I should maybe say that I’m thinking about a game that relies on discerning fantasy (in the psychological sense, not the genre sense) from reality, and the psychological effects of doing so (or not doing so).


I don’t know anything about any of these games, but Patanoir sounds very interesting indeed. Thanks!

It’s my understanding that


might be the kind of thing you’re interested in. Spoilered because, well, it’s also my understanding that what I’ve said spoils a big reveal of the game.

Eurydice is also about discerning fantasy from reality, and the psychological effects of not doing so.

Thanks for these! I assume you mean Cameron Wilkins’ Bliss and not :wink:

Crikey that was 15 years ago.

I’d forgotten about Shade! I have it somewhere on my hard drive. I’ll have to go back to it. Thanks!

“Reset” up at sub-Q deals with this to some degree, though it’s not entirely in the same genre (and does have mature themes).

Reset basically has a note “The text is hard to read on purpose.”