Game with sound/graphics

Can anyone point me towards a Blorb packaged game that contains lots of sound and graphics? I’ve had a look on IFDB but I can’t seem to search by that criteria (or even by size), and the only ones I’ve found so far just have the cover image.

Maybe try Ekphrasis?

For another example of sound, check out Oxygen; for graphics, see Being There or Everybody Dies.

Try this search: … arch+Games

Carma is also a safe bet. So is City of Secrets (don’t rememeber if that one has sound, though).

Also, most spanish glulxe games I’ve played are heavy on the multimedia. Throw a brick and you’ll hit one.

There’s a reasonably long list here:


Fab, thanks. :slight_smile:

You can also search by tags and IF system. For example, “tag:graphics system:inform”. This is explained in the detailed search page: