Game request

now, I don’t know if I am putting this in the right place but, I was wondering if, someone could make a randition of miss peregrine’s peculiar children series. each one like the books. so, there would be 5 of them. they would be: miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children, hollow city, library of souls, a map of days and, the conference of the birds. in each game, you could play as the main character wich is jacob. library of souls would be interesting because, of the different speaking from jacob. in it, he controls an army of hollowgasts. I would really like to see this done if possible.


There likely would be a copyright issue - unless the books you’ve mentioned are in the public domain (which I don’t believe they are) nobody can adapt those works into another medium without obtaining the rights to do so from the copyright holder. These types of adaptation rights for movies or other media are marketable things that usually aren’t given up for free.