Game Release - "SNOW"

Hey everyone! I’m a new guy here, but I was referred to this forum from a comment on my blog.

I was referred here because I was talking about creating and submitting a game to the IF Demo Fair that Emily Short will be holding at PAX East this year.

Well, the game has been released! I kinda had to rush it a tad to get the deadline for the fair, but it pretty much encompasses everything that I wanted. I suppose that at this point it could be in a state of open beta, so I’d still be very helpful for feedback. Also keep in mind that this was my first attempt at using Inform, so I’m not completely conversant, nor are there too many bells and whistles.

The game is called “SNOW” and is designed so that there is no one end goal, and that any action that the player takes has a significant effect on his/her surroundings and how the game turns out.

You can find the game here:

If you do play, I hope that you’ll let me know what you think of it! Thank you very much for reading and (hopefully) playing!

Cool! Has it been beta tested at all? I ran across a few things right away that make me think it could use a quick trip through beta.

[spoiler]For example, the cart is locked, but any attempt to unlock it or look at its lock is swiftly denied, and there’s no way to get in the Barracks door without knowing that it’s called the Barracks door, which is a bit disconcerting.

Also, maybe spell-check? (“Lifering”?)[/spoiler]

I found the puzzles too steep for me, but I’m really really bad at puzzles, so I don’t know if that’s meaningful. I really like the setting - I haven’t done a ship romp in a long time!

Thank you for the feedback, though there’s a reasonable explanation for all the things you’ve brought up!

In the starting room, there’s a key laying beside you that may become useful. As to the doors, you can move through them by simply typing the nautical direction they face. And I actually had to look the word lifering up. :slight_smile:

And the idea is that it’s a little alt; you don’t have to do any puzzle you don’t want to. But thank you for taking the time!

Haven’t played it yet, but I think it might be easier to understand if you spell that word

“life ring”; I’m more used to seeing it as “life preserver” actually. Assuming that’s what you mean.

Hmm, I didn’t have that experience with the doors (I tried your suggestion).


[spoiler]Also, the lifering example (which definitely should be two words) was only an example - there are quite a few grammar/spelling issues. Fixing them will make the work feel more polished.

The key seemed to be used for the locker - if it is also used for the cart, then I didn’t find a way to do that! :slight_smile:[/spoiler]

Hi Jonathan,

thanks for writing the game! I liked the atmosphere and enjoyed the setting. I just sent you an e-mail (to the address mentioned on your blog) with some points of criticism and a transcript of my playing session (with comments).


Hey guys, I want to thank you all for taking the time to give me feedback! I appreciate it all!

As to the door thing, I don’t really know what to say, I haven’t really experienced that problem, nor have I been able to in my playtests.

But yeah, the responses I’ve gotten from you guys have been really informative, which has been nice! I’ll be able to take these lessons and put it into revisions and new projects. I hope that you were able to take out the ideas from the game, though. If there are any more thoughts, please let me know!