Game Capture Apps?

Oh hai-
I was looking around and I decided to ask The Community their opinions on it. Does anyone use any game capture software? Does anyone have any suggestions for one? Or any to avoid?

Meaning software that records video and audio from a game? I get the impression OBS is pretty much the standard for streamers and youtubers, but I don’t think it matters much what you use. Windows 10 comes with basic game capture software that seems to work ok. I think Bandicam is Windows only and possibly costs money? I’ve used Camstudio Recorder but only for video so I can’t remember if it does audio as well. Chronolapse is popular for making timelapses of game jams and might be an interesting option for interactive fiction?

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Hey thanks for the reply! This gives me plenty to look into. I had no idea Windows 10 comes with such an app? Gonna look into that now!
Thanks again!

If you have an NVIDIA card, the GeForce Experience software can record video. I tried Windows 10’s built-in recorder, but the frame rate and sound sync were pretty bad. Here’s a clip I recorded with GeForce Experience:

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Awesome clip, thanks! I’ve been looking at OBS. Will have to check out that GeForce Experience software. My laptop can pretty much handle anything graphically. (But the “K” button doesn’t work so it’s a trade-off.)

OBS I think is the best for desktop. As for mobile - iphones have wonderful screen recording pre-installed which is very easy to use, just push a button. Surely, Android has some kind of app for that.

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