Game Art


I play a fair few games on Frotz on the iPad and am making my own. I notice that all of these have title art.

Can anyone advise on how this is done ?

Using Inform 7 I can see no way to actually do this, but it’s clearly possible as they are shown on the app.

I was thinking that it maybe to do with the TUID that is set on IFDB, but can’t see any way to configure this when compiling a game release.

Perhaps I am totally barking up the wrong tree, hence the questions!

Many thanks.

Section 23.8 of Writing With Inform has the information you need, but here’s the important part:

“To provide cover art, we should create two files: Cover.jpg (or .png), and a reduction of the image to a smaller “thumbnail” version called Small Cover.jpg (or .png). These should be placed in the project’s Materials folder.”

Some people (???) believe the art should be square, and according to the manual the small cover should be 120x120 pixels.

Thanks for the info, I am still struggling with this.

Perhaps I have the wrong end of the stick, but I am expecting cover art to just work ?

I know the command has accepted it beacuse I am using…

Release along with cover art.

…to test this, I removed the files from the Materials directory and it complained when building the project.

I am trying to get this running on the iPad using Frotz and it comes with lots of games that have already been setup. A good example is shown below alongside the failed example that I have.

I do already have a TUID identifier for the project but can see no way to incorporate that within the game ?

Apoligies if this is all simple stuff, but coding the game and making this bit work are on two seperate levels, I am considering making this the final puzzle in the game! :smiley:

You are outputting your files as “blorb”, yes? .zblorb or .gblorb?

Ah ha!

After 1,000’s of lines of code the simple checkbox was missing.

This is great - pretty much working now apart from the TUID section. Can this be included with the release to display on the splash screen or perhaps you can point me in the right direction as I can’t find anything in the docs about this apart from it’s an agreed numbering system. ( I already have a number as it is registered at IFDB )

TUID is not included with the game. Frotz shows it if you download the game from IFDB.

(The TUID is not meaningful outside IFDB. It’s just a filing number IFDB uses.)

Ah excellent.

Thank you for clarification on this.