Gamasutra exclusive article about Twine … _Twine.php

Nothing groundbreaking in the content really, but that huge Twine icon on Gamasutra’s first page gladdened my heart :slight_smile: My own feelings about it are in the first comment under the article.

Ah yes, Gamasutra. The site that always raises an eyebrow at the dinner table when I bring it up.

Nice to see this writeup!

I have been reading Gamasutra for long enough now that I had to stop and figure out what you meant. ><

I tried Twine 2 a little bit back, but found that I preferred Twine 1.4x so far. A formal application gives me more confidence about not doing something bizarre and losing/deleting my files.

Yeah, I’m more used to Twine 1.4x by now, it’s more bug-free too. Still, a good thing they’re looking to the future (Twine 2 is very much a tool to reel in new users, I would guess).

I’m just getting into it, and I want to learn whichever is going to be continuously developed. So if 1.x is a dead end, I guess I’ll just focus on 2.