Galatea - Interactive Fiction on the Amazon Echo Dot

I made a demonstration video of me attempting to play Emily Short’s Galatea on Amazon’s home assistant the Echo Dot. The game is offered as a “skill” (or app) for the device, along with Adam Cadre’s 9:05 (and a couple others, I think.)

Enjoy the 10 minute vid, especially if you like listening to someone wrestle with a buggy buggy application.

Click this link right HERE!!!

5:46 is compelling and hysterical because you and the AI both are frustrated and sound like an arguing couple. She’s actually repeating your aside back, but the sass she conveys - she’s so done with you and tired of being interrupted! :laughing:

I sort of love this. Galatea would be a good one to implement if the Echo could perform as the character and the talking were more natural.

Thank you for demoing this!

lol Thanks! My favorite part was when she started playing a song. I didn’t see that coming. :laughing: