Galatea - Interactive Fiction on the Amazon Echo Dot

(Marshal Tenner Winter) #1

I made a demonstration video of me attempting to play Emily Short’s Galatea on Amazon’s home assistant the Echo Dot. The game is offered as a “skill” (or app) for the device, along with Adam Cadre’s 9:05 (and a couple others, I think.)

Enjoy the 10 minute vid, especially if you like listening to someone wrestle with a buggy buggy application.

Click this link right HERE!!!

(Hanon Ondricek) #2

5:46 is compelling and hysterical because you and the AI both are frustrated and sound like an arguing couple. She’s actually repeating your aside back, but the sass she conveys - she’s so done with you and tired of being interrupted! :laughing:

I sort of love this. Galatea would be a good one to implement if the Echo could perform as the character and the talking were more natural.

Thank you for demoing this!

(Marshal Tenner Winter) #3

lol Thanks! My favorite part was when she started playing a song. I didn’t see that coming. :laughing: