FyreVM-Web Standard Template Project on Github

Okay I’d like to invite anyone with web skills to help out on the standard template for fyrevm-web. I have a very rudimentary template in the repo that shows the technical implementation, but it’s time to start making this “pretty” and “usable”.

I am not a web designer and although I can do basic HTML/CSS, it’s just not my area and I’d like to see a standard template developed by someone with a passion for web development.

I setup a project: https://github.com/ChicagoDave/fyrevm-web/projects

I will add collaborators for anyone interested.

I will support the technical side and offer the overall vision and give anyone all of the freedom to do as they see best.

The task list is there, but we can go over it and alter it as needed.

Let me know if you can help.

Since no one has replied or responded, I’ll change the question…

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get web dev/designer help for fyrevm-web?

I’ve looked around places like upwork (previously elance) and other gig sites. The problem there is no one understands IF or is even willing to learn a little bit about IF to build anything meaningful. Or they want thousands of dollars.

Should I look in the Twine community for help, since they seem to be more web-savvy?