Fyleet (A Phoenix mainframe adventure)

I am looking for someone with a keen interest in the Phoenix / Topologika games - in particular Fyleet.

Having completed Acheton with the aid of several nudges (many hints), I am endeavouring to finish this game with the minimum amount of ‘cheating’. As this is a Phoenix game which was never released by Topologika, there are no hints available. Although I consider this a good thing, I would still appreciate some minor nudges in the right direction, since this is obviously a game which I would give a ‘severely difficult’ grading.

In addition, I have created a full and very accurate map of Acheton and wondered if there are people interested in this.

Having read many posts about Phoenix (Topologika) in this group, I would love to hear from Adam Atkinson in particular who was responsbile for the Phoenix game called Nidus. This is my first post here, so I hope I am posting to the correct board.

Hoping for an early reply, many thanks!

I can help with many but not all of the converted Phoenix games. Nidus is the only unreleased
one of those we have the source code for. I guess I should test that the current version
is finishable so we can finally release it. You are welcome to have the latest build I have
if you want.

I assume you are playing the z-code version of Fyleet from ifarchive.org.

May be easier to contact me via email on ghira@mistral.co.uk

(Adam Atkinson)

Many thanks for your quick reply Adam, I have sent you an e-mail.

“Avon” is the only Phoenix game I think I’ll ever be able to finish with minimal cheating. From what I read in other places, many seem to agree it’s the “easiest”, or, if you’d rather, the least obscure.

If you’re already knee-deep in Fyleet by all means stick to it (and especially if you’ve finished Acheton!), but if you want a game to play that makes you go “I sorted this mess out all on my own!” do try Avon.

Mind you, it isn’t easy. Oh my, no.

Hi Peter!

When you say ‘minimal cheating’, how much is ‘minimal’ :wink: ?

You are now the second person to totally recommend Avon to me, so I will indeed be trying Avon next. In your opinion, do you think I could finish this Phoenix game without resorting to hints or a walkthrough (presuming a walkthrough exists) ? It would indeed be a first for me to complete a Phoenix game without resorting to some sort of ‘cheating’, I would count that as an achievement!

Still I’m glad to hear it’s still not easy. I hope we could maybe share moments and ideas from Avon after I have attempted it. How long ago did you play it and did you need to make a map?

Thanks for replying!

I certainly did not need a map for the main game, though I did try to map a certain maze (as I recall, there was a trick to it anyway).

Avon is still cruel, mind. One of the tricks it can play on you is probably the cruelest of all (which I shan’t spoil). But it’s more approachable than the other Phoenix games. And “minimal cheating” does mean that occasionally you’ll need help, or the walkthrough (or even reading a review or other - that alone might help you catch onto the cruelest trick).

But hey. It’s manageable. And enjoyable, for those who like it (I did!).