Future Threads - Xavid

I have posted a review of this game and a transcript here: blog.templaro.com/review-future-threads/

  • Jack

My experience was similar - I really like the core mechanic and it was a lot of fun to find out how to make use of it.

I had problems with some of the individual puzzles and also had to consult the walkthrough (e.g., I had no idea what to do with the peppers. The various pepper soups that I cooked did not turn out to be very useful…), whereas others were more intuitive to me. Somehow I kept trying to build one elaborated trap rather than several smaller ones. An aspect that I particularly liked is that some useful items are not mentioned explicitly in the descriptions but implemented as scenery. I found it fun and rewarding (unlike +=3) to think of something that I need for my plan, then go and look for it in a place where it should logically be found, and indeed be able to gather it (say, grass in a meadow or branches in the forest). My main request for a potential updated version would be an improved hint system - the present one didn’t help me much when I got stuck.