Fun things that happened in Kerkerkruip

I just re-watched Victor’s first Kerkerkruip 9 alpha Let’s Play video. The videos really got me interested in Kerkerkruip 9, and I think we should make more!

Anyway, in the video Victor says that Fafhrd and Mouser follow you while you have the power of the mindslug. Has that changed?

It shouldn’t have changed, so I’m not sure where severedhand’s experience comes from. This may be a bug. Or he was hidden? They can’t follow if you’re hidden.

They come running as soon as you’re discovered, though.

I shouldn’t have been hidden, as we were fresh from all killing the hound together. Also I’d been conscious of the hiding/not-hiding factor because I’d been trying to work out a way to use it to get my pals to come to Bodmall. I did have the cloak of shadows, and by hiding, I could get to Bodmall undetected by the hound, but I figured either my pals wouldn’t follow me 'cos I would be hidden, and/or later wouldn’t know where I’d gone, plus they’d have to walk through the room with the hound anyway to reach me – it was the only path I had.

I had a considerably more exciting experience last night. I only had level 3 or lower powers (sprout and counterstrike) and was lobbing frag grenades at Malygris in the adjacent room. He came out and started chasing me round the dungeon. And the Reaper was after me, and the imp was hassling me. So I heroically fought a running battle with all 3 at once and I killed Malygris. What really helped was an unidentified scroll of the blade I managed to read at the right time, plus the periapt of prophecy was helping me to know when to attack at moments I’d otherwise have concentrated. I double snorted ment, knowing (from knowledge gleaned in this topic only a day before :wink: ) that I’d have a certain number of turns before there was a chance of ODing, and I reckoned I could win the game before the check happened, which I did.




Here are three helpful facts about using the cloak of shadows:

  1. You become hidden as soon as all enemies are gone. If only your allies can see you, you become hidden.
  2. As soon as you’re discovered, your followers magically know where you are.
  3. Nobody fights when you’re not in the room with them.

Ah OK, thanks. So it sounds like I could have snuck to Bodmall, revealed myself, and then my friends would have come eventually, as they’d pass the hound without fighting it.

On the topic of friend help, if I read correctly, Victor said in this topic Faf and Mouser shouldn’t have stopped helping or following me after participating in one fight with me. This happened to me again yesterday. After helping me win one fight, they just stayed in the room where that fight took place and wouldn’t follow anymore. I raise this in case it is some bug.


It would be worth checking out. Feel free to open an issue.

I suppose it’s technically true that no one fights outside of your presence, but doesn’t the nameless horror still slaughter anyone he wanders across on his quest to find the player? Poor Fafhrd and Mouser in this case.

Yes. Yes, he does. And that’s the key to a relatively easy type of victory. :slight_smile:

Really? I had no idea that Durin’s Bane could be a victory!

It certainly can! The victory message starts with

While we’re on the subject of the Nameless Horror, what exactly is the point of the level 10 victory system? I mean, it’s not… really possible to do. The Horror is so mean that the only thing that really protects you from his attacks is the power of the brightest flame, but even with some of the best weapons in the game (the glass cannon, a well-fed gargantuan executioner’s axe wielded by a gargantuan player in the Temple of Nomos, the Malleus Maleficarum, &c) 30 turns is not even almost enough to bash through the Horror’s health. Maybe a lucky blow with the evil dagger? (The Horror should probably be made immune to the evil dagger as a special case, to close this loophole.)