[FULL UP, THANKS!] ISO playtesters for Bureau of Strange Happenings (parser) (no longer with pictures) (providing light)

I’m in need of brave agents to lend their talents to beta-testing my future IFComp 2024 entry. So if you like:

  • Secretive government agencies on the skids!
  • Credulous and incompetent superiors!
  • Lizard people!
  • Time travel!
  • Hideous fly/doll hybrids!
  • Lots of stuff to read and lots of people to talk to!
  • Floor waxers!

… please come kick the tires a bit and flush out the bugs before the End of the World comes!

DM me if you’re interested!

The details:

  • Inform 7/Glulx.
  • 2+ hours.
  • Gentle.
  • Copious hint system.
  • Very cool help system for beginners.
  • Mostly free of the word “reification”.