Frustrated with Choices

This is a perfectly valid way to approach creating something that will ultimately be a work of IF. A possible next step would be to convert your linear draft into a transcript of what your game would look like for a player who makes all the “right” moves and finds the most efficient path to the end. Then code the game to make that transcript doable. Then flesh the game out as much as you feel necessary, implementing scenery, reasonable synonyms, maybe a few dead-end side-paths, etc.

I think this thread has received some very good advice. I’m sorry if my response has been kind of slow. I believe writing the script linearly, with the exploratory puzzles thrown in to make the game more interactive, should make this project turn out the way I want. There are instances in my story where I just don’t want any possibilities to go, no matter what, so I’ll just have to find expert ways to ignore these useless passages. I think I need to develop my ability to discern how to tell my story interactively, without thinking of these two disciplines as separate.

I’ll keep hacking at it. Right now I’m learning how to use Inform 7, and writing my script in a “pseudo-Inform” style to develop my story ideas efficiently. I have very little experience programming, and I don’t want my current ineptitude in this area to hold me back from writing; so I’m balancing the pursuit of reading the Inform book to writing the “program chart” on a word document. I still don’t know which project of mine I’m gonna write, but, as of right now, I’m thinking about just doing “whatever,” just for the experience. I feel very passionate about this medium, but transcribing my stories to it has been seeming very difficult.

Have you thought about collaborating with someone? Finding a programmer who’s interested in your story might free up more of your headspace for writing.

I think this is a very good idea! I can collaborate with a programmer, and save all the writing for myself. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll get around to asking for one once I have a more substantial script. I also have some ideas about making parsers more intuitive and convenient for newcomers, but I’d have to discuss this with my potential programmer first before I can see how well this idea could be implemented.

Well, depending on the interpretation…

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  • > inhale Your vision blurs, but your mind expands to psychedelical heights.