FROTZ8 and returning to IF

I own a modern Win10 PC.

I downloaded a copy of FROTZ8 through a desire to return to IF. I downloaded it successfully, I dumped my INFOCOM Masterpieces CD-ROM games to it, and I downloaded the game Shade. I played around in the INFOCOM games and Shade to verify it was working. Everything worked fine, I exited out of the program, and upon opening it back up: it just says “Populating library” for several seconds before crashing/closing down.

I then downloaded all of the necessary interpreters from the IFDB (frotz, glulxe, hugo, and TADS). Everything runs great.

What went wrong with FROTZ8? It looks like a great program, but I can not get it to do anything since that first successful time.

Thank You!

I hadn’t even heard of Frotz8 before. It seems to be made specifically for Windows 8, so it’s possible that it just hasn’t been updated for Windows 10. The home page says that there have never been any updates since the initial release.

You could try contacting the author and asking what the interpreter’s current status is.

You may find Windows Frotz better suited to all your frotzing needs.

Frotz8 claims to be win10 compatible, however, it turns out to be considerably easier to just download the required interpreters and manage everything through folders. I uninstalled frotz8 as a result.

Thank you.

Where did you find frotz? I can’t find it, there’s a link to a david kinder site but it’s down. :frowning:

It is called “Frotz8” and it is a different program to my knowledge than the work that David Kinder does, somebody please correct me if I am wrong on this last point. I downloaded it through the app store that is available on “”. It is no longer an issue for me as I have been able to transition back into the hobby through the generous help I received from the members of this forum as well as other places. I wish the author of Frotz8 all of the luck in the world, but I will not be returning to it for reasons already mentioned as well as what I consider the superiority of other options. Thank you.

no i mean frotz. not frotz8. I had a crash and I can’t find frotz. I did find glulxe.

also, the game i was working on before the crash is gone. :c both the game file, the content and the map (made in trizbort) are gone. (cries)

where do you find frotz? I’ve been unable to find it. Only dead pages.

[size=200]EDIT: … seems the file on that site can’t be installed. :c aww[/size]

I just downloaded frotz from that site now by clicking on the blue “downloaded” and reinstalled that specific download to my windows 10 64 bit pc just now and everything installed and runs fine. I am not sure what your situation is, but I just keep hitting “next” because I don’t ever feel like tinkering with stuff like that.