Frotz for iOS, FTP restrictions?

I’m trying to figure out how to upload files to the Frotz iOS app via FTP, if possible. I’ve tried the HTML interface, which works great, but uploading via FTP would fit my workflow better. However, I only get reading permissions that way (using MacOS Finder as the FTP client, as I usually do). Is the FTP communication restricted or am I missing something?

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Interesting. I suspect some restriction has been added to iOS in the several years since iOS Frotz was originally released. I don’t recall reading about anything that would firewall the port (2121), or prevent an app from storing files transferred that way. But it could have happened.

You can probably use a command-line tool like curl to upload files through the HTTP interface.

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I did some digging on iOS, OS X and port 2121 and found out the problem probably lies with Finder. Tried it with an FTP client (which I should’ve before I posted, I admit) and I’m able to write to the server. Thanks!

Hm, which client? I tried it with ncftp and failed.

Cyberduck. I just put the IP, port and username (“ftp”) and connected. I uploaded a couple of my projects and successfully played them on my phone.