Frotz, Dropbox and IFDB

I want to test an IF7 game on my iPad using Frotz. Got Frotz installed, got the zblorb file into my iPad’s Dropbox in the /FROTZ subfolder. Can’t get Frotz to see it. It seems to be searching only in IFDB.

Please advise.

Thank you.

I think the iPad Frotz does not play zblorbs, only z-machine files (.z5, .z8, .z3, etc)

Looks like you are correct. So my next questions are:

  1. how do I get Inform7 to output a z-machine file?
  2. is there an alternative to Frotz for the iPAd thta will run zblorbs?

Thank you.

A lot of times if I navigate directly to dropbox on a browser and click on downloading a file, it will say ‘open in Frotz’. Have you tried this yet?

You can go into the “Settings” tab, set it for Z-code (z8) and uncheck the “bind up into a blorb” option:

Great. Followed your excellent directions. Generated z8. Moved it to iPad Dropbox/Frotz and Dropbox/Frotz/Saves (just in case). Dropbox says can’t preview-no suprise.

Went to Frotz.Made sure Dropbox was linked. Searched for story. Still no love.


My own solution. Forget Dropbox. Use Frotz’s built in FTP. It’s clumsy, but it works.

Thank you howtophil for giving it a shot.

No problem.