Frotz 2.53 released

Frotz 2.53 is now ready. This is a minor release focusing on bugfixes and minor enhancements.
The biggest highlight for this release is the X11 interface. This is from the old xfrotz package and brought up to date with the current Frotz core.

A tarball containing the source and a zip file containing the DOS executable can be found at Source can also be downloaded from As is usual, these will be available at the Interactive Fiction Archive in their usual place in a few days (see and gopher://

Summary of changes between Frotz 2.52 and Frotz 2.53:

Frotz 2.53 was released on Saturday February 27, 2021.

This is a minor release focusing on minor enhancements and bug fixes.


  • -E option to choose how emphasised text is rendered.

  • X11 interface has been added as a compile target.

  • Added new default TrueType font for sfrotz.

  • Automatically select the appropriate interpreter number for V6 games.

  • Limited mouse support for curses interface.


  • Corrected potential trouble with garbage in filenames for SDL interface.

  • Corrected a problem wherein @print_table would sometimes print garbage.

  • Fixed a segfault problem when input buffers are abused.

  • Double-clicks are now recognized in sfrotz and xfrotz.

  • Fixed problem with spurious newlines when a space triggers a word wrap.

  • Fixed a problem with UTF-8 characters getting corrupted during line editing.

  • Fixed some problems with V3 games scribbling on the status line in certain circumstances.

  • Removed C99 idioms and C++ comments in curses and core to benefit older compilers. X11 is still pre-C99 clean. SDL interface is not pre-C99-clean due to libSDL2 not being pre-C99-clean.

  • Fixed a problem with the -x flag not properly expanding commands for some Infocom games.


Awesome. Thank you
I was able to build s/x/dfrotz :slight_smile: on Ubuntu 16.04.

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A minor development: I’ve merged into the master branch the PDP-10 modifications.

I noticed that blorb_map is declared in both dpic.c and dblorb.c. Should the one in dpic.c be extern? (Dumb Frotz doesn’t build for me unless I do something like that.)

Correct. I had to redo the merge a few times because of stuff like this.