Frobtads T2 compiler not recognizing

Has anyone else tried using the TADS 2 compiler from Frobtads (compiled with mingw32/msys) with their CONFIG.TC file? It doesn’t seem to recognize any option I place in that file.

My current workaround is using the TC32.exe compiler that comes with the TADS 2 installer, which works in either Windows XP or 7.

Thanks in advance!

It seems that this file is not part of the TADS 2 compiler itself but is rather platform specific. I didn’t know anything about a CONFIG.TC file, so I’ve never implemented any support for it.

Will do for the next version.

Thanks! I’m just trying to limit the number of files I sneak into my cough cough work cough cough PC. Since I had a copy of both the Frobtads terp and the corresponding T2 compiler on my USB drive (Workbench GUI not included), I thought I’d be able to set it up.