Friendy documentation on how parser errors are generated?

WWI 18.35 “Printing a parser error” lists the various error values that can be output by the parser, but it doesn’t explain what situations generate them – not even the ones that aren’t listed on DM4 p. 237 (many of which aren’t addressed there, either).

Does anyone have any recommendations on reading material that explains the types of situations (preferably with examples) that trigger each?

Well, the “not enough of those available” error (or “too few of those available” error) currently can’t be triggered, but I don’t think that is really documented anywhere. It will be available in the next build. See bug report:

This makes me not optimistic that there’s a comprehensive list of what triggers the various parser errors anywhere. From looking at the DM4 I fear it might require diving into the parser code.

I did experiment a little and discovered that the “didn’t understand addressee’s last name error,” which I’d never heard of, is triggered when there’s a person named “Bob” in the room and you write:


so it’s basically “only understood you as far as” for the part before the comma.

That’s an interesting tidbit about the “didn’t understand addressee’s last name error.” However, it sounds like maybe there is no such comprehensive documentation and this is the kind of arcane lore that one gains by prowling through the parser code directly and black box testing.

Are there people here that understand these well? If so, where and how did you learn about them – via direct experimentation like matt w’s example?