French Accented Characters


I need to print French characters (i.e., letters with accents) In I7, but I don’t know how to do it. Can anyone point the way? Thanks.


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See section 5.10 of the documentation – you should just be able to type them into your code.

Thanks Matt. I guess my question should have been how do I type French characters. Then the question would be why not look it up on Google? To which I would answer, I didn’t even think of that until after reading your post. For those who want to know, languages can be switched in the control panel of Windows 7.


An even easier trick to enter accented characters in any Windows program, as it doesn’t involve changing settings:

Alternately, for a multi-lingual computer setup, a french-language keyboard setup can be enabled in the language bar and the input method can be changed with a click or two.

On a mac, I usually type option-e for an aigu, option-u for, um, those double dots, option-` for a grave, option-i for a circumflex, and option-c for a c with cedilla. Except for the last one, if you then type a vowel, you’ll get the accent on top of it. (And you can get a tilde with option-n.)

Don’t know if this works on Windows.

Are there really no keys with accents and other diacritics on an English computer keyboard?!
(´, `, ^, ¨ – I think those are the only ones used in French.)
If there are, just type them first (they won’t show on the screen till you type something more) and then the letter that goes beneath them afterwards.

(There are still a couple of relatively rare special characters in French that are not just accented of course (Ç, ç, and œ).
But if you’re just typing a few words of French into an otherwise English text under Windows, you can use the system tool application Character Map to copy and paste the cedillas (Ç, ç) and the œ-ligature, if the French word requires them (Start button > All Programs > Accessorie > System Tools > Character Map).
Obviously, for longer pieces of text, remapping the keyboard lay-out in any of the ways discussed above is certainly preferable for the sake of these special characters and for French punctuation, where it differs from English.)

They are typable (option combos on Mac, whatever the equivalent is on Windows) but the variations are usually not printed on the key caps.

I use a third-party Mac keyboard that does show the variations: